Grammar, Tenses

Tenses MCQ sample questions



MCQ sample questions for examination:

1. Pawar ______ (live) in Nagpur. He _______ (work) in a bank.

  1. lived, worked
  2. live, work
  3. living, working
  4. lives, works

Answer :

 lives, works

2. Madan first ________ (visit) Nagaland in 1980, when he _____ (be) only 15 years old. He ________ (fall) in love with the place at once.

  1. visited, was, has fell
  2. visit, was, had fallen
  3. visited, is, have fell
  4. None of the above

Answer :

visited, was, has fell

3. Later, he _______ (return) to Nagaland many times, and ______ (become) an expert on it.

  1. return, become
  2. was returned, had become
  3. returned, has become
  4. has returned, has become

Answer :

return, become

4. It (snake) _______  (crawl) through the grass.

  1. were taking
  2. was crawling
  3. is crawling
  4. are crawling

Answer :

was crawling

5. The bell _______ (ring) while I _______ (have) a bath.

  1. rang, was having
  2. rung, having
  3. ring, having
  4. ringing, was having

Answer :

rang, was having

6. I have seen thirty films this year. (Identify the tense of the sentence)

  1. Past tense
  2. Past perfect tense
  3. Present perfect tense
  4. Present tense

Answer :

Past perfect tense

7. He has read The God of Small Things. (Change into future perfect tense)

  1. He will have been read The God of Small Things.
  2. He will have read The God of Small Things.
  3. He will be read The God of small Things
  4. No tense error

Answer :

He will have read The God of Small Things.

8. At this time tomorrow, the man _________ (sleep) for twelve hours.

  1. will be have sleeping
  2. will be sleeping
  3. will have been sleeping
  4. would have been sleeping

Answer :

will have been sleeping

9. The directors of the company ________ (meet) next week. All the arrangements for the meeting are complete.

  1. was going to meet
  2. are going to meet
  3. were going to met
  4. having going to meet

Answer :

are going to meet

10. Before he ________  (become) an engineer, he _______ (dream) of becoming a singer.

  1. became, had dreamt
  2. become, had been dreamt
  3. has becoming, had been dreaming
  4. None of the above

Answer :

became, had dreamt