Software Engineering – UML

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

UML Diagrams – Use Case Diagram

A UML use case diagram is the primary form of system/software requirements for a new software program under developed. Use cases specify the expected behavior (what), and not the exact method of making it happen (how).


  • Actor
  • Use case
  • Communication link
  • Boundary of system
image 21

UML Diagrams – Class Diagram

Class diagrams are one of the most useful types of diagrams in UML in order to clearly map out the structure of a particular system by modeling its classes, attributes, operations, and relationships between objects.

image 22

The class shape itself consists of a rectangle with three rows. The top row contains the name of the class, the middle row has the attributes of the class, and the bottom section expresses the methods or operations that the class may utilize.

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