Software Engineering – System Outline Chart

System Outline Chart 

Blueprint :-

  • The result of the system design process is a document known as “system specification”.
  • The complete details of the design of the proposed system have been included in it.
  • It serves as a blueprint and helps in developing and implementing the new system.
  • This also forms the primary documentation on which the system maintaining personas will fall back upon after the system is in use.  
  • Prepared as a plan, it becomes sometimes necessary to modify during the later stage of development.
  • System specification should include all the details necessary to implement the system and understand the whole working of the system.

Freezing the Blueprint :-

Business is a combination of various resources, synchronization of resources, utilization of resources, and processing the resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Together system analysis and design is a combination of 3 steps.

  1. System Concept and Principles.
  2. System Methodologies.
  3. System Tools and Techniques.

1. System Concept and Principles :-

The system concepts are needed because the analyst who remembers the system concept can almost always succeed in designing the system. No tools, process, or methodology can help unless the systems are understood.  

2. System Methodologies :-

System methodologies are the linking stones between the concept and the product (system). It also tells the system people about how to use the tools and techniques to obtain a better system. A system becomes a concrete product where there is proper documentation.

3. System Tools and Techniques :-

System tool is a device. It used properly it can help to improve the performance of development of computer information system.

List of Tools and Techniques :-

  1. Fact Gathering
  2. Flowcharting
  3. Decision Trees and Decision Tables
  4. Structured Charting Techniques
  5. Data Flow Diagram
  6. Data Dictionaries
  7. Structured Chart
  8. Pseudo Code and Structured English
  9. Entity Relationship Diagrams
  10. Normalization
  11. Design of Outputs
  12. Input Design
  13. Code Design
  14. Forms Design
  15. File Design

Outlines and Flowcharts :-

  • An Outline is a plan for an approach to a project or problem.
  • We usually think of outlines in connection with a term paper or as a summary of a document.
  • It is also an excellent starting point for any coding project, including main.
  • A Flowchart is a graphical representation of a process.
  • You may use either an outline, or a flowchart, or both.

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