1. In the same circular motion?
Answer –
Both velocity and acceleration change.

2. 5 cm from a particle constant. Is moving on a circular path, whose time period is 0.2 π seconds. What is the acceleration of the particle?
Answer –
5 m / Sec 2

3. There is a stationary reference frame located on the surface of the Earth,
Answer –
but it can be considered inertial in general.

4. 1000 kg A car of mass passes through a sloping bend of radius 90 m on a frictionless road. If the bend is 45 °, what is the speed of the car?
Answer – 30 m / s

5. If a r and a t are commercial and tangential accelerations, then the particle will make uniform circular motion, if?
Answer –
r ≠ 0 but a t = 0

6. What will be the angular velocity of the second-hand fork of the mechanical clock?
Answer –
π / 30 s / Sec

7. A body is moving in a circular path with acceleration. If its velocity is doubled, then in both cases what will be the ratio of the accelerations of the body (after changing velocity and before changing velocity)?
Answer –
4: 1

8. By what name is acceleration in uniform circular motion?
Answer –
Concentration acceleration.

9. What is the direction of centripetal acceleration?
Answer –
Always towards the center of the circle

10. What is the relationship between the linear velocity and angular velocity of a particle moving on a circular path?
Answer –
ν = rω

11. Is it possible that the speed of a body is constant but still its speed is accelerated?
Answer –
It is possible, the speed is constant in the same circular motion but the direction keeps changing.

12. How do the average angular velocity and the instantaneous angular velocity in the same circular motion be interchangeable?
Answer –
Both are the same.

13. Write the formula for the centripetal acceleration. 

Answer – Concentric acceleration a = ν 2r

14. Write the formula for the speed of the vehicle on a flat circular path.
 Answer – ν ≤ √ μrg

15. Write the formula to find the ideal speed.
 Answer – ν = √ rg tanθ At this speed the tires on the vehicle will not have a commercial pressure and the tires will have a chronic minimum.

16. Write a formula for the expression of the maximum safe speed of a vehicle in a circular mode of the radius with the angle of rotation θ.
Answer – νmax =√ rg (tan θ + μ)(1 – μ tan θ)

17. If the net force on an object is zero, what will be its acceleration?
 Answer – Zero.

18. What is the direction of action and reaction in Newton’s third law of motion?
 Answer – Opposite.

19. Give an example of a system with variable mass.
 Answer – Rocket.

20. Which of the following is the value of static and kinetic friction between any two connected pages?
 Answer – Static.

21. What force is present in a uniform circular motion
 Answer – concentric.

22. How does a vehicle obtain the required centripetal force on a flat circular path?
 Answer – By the force of friction.

23. In addition to the frictional force on a binned circular path, how is the required centripetal force obtained?
Answer –
 By the component of the force of force.

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