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Report Writing (Official)



Que. 1.  Imagine that you are an education officer with the State Council of Higher Education. You have been asked by the secretary of the council to investigate rumors of cheating. Write an official, presenting facts and making recommendations.


  • Mahendra Patel
  • Education Officer
  • State Council of Higher Education
  • Gandhinagar. Date: 15th April 2017


  • Ajay Singhaniya
  • The Secretary
  • State Council of Higher Education
  • Gandhinagar.
  • Title: Investigation for the rumors of cheating in February 2017 examination.

Terms of Reference: As instructed by the Minister of State for Education, a survey/investigation was conducted to verify the strong rumors of cheating in February 2017 examinations of the Colleges.

Findings: The writer visited the four Colleges in the city of Surat examination centres to investigate about the rumors of the cheating in February 2017. The findings of the investigation are as follows. 

  1. According to records maintained in the XYZ College centers, it is found that 15 cases were recorded of cheating and illegal conduct in examination. As per the registered cases, a strict action was taken to expel for having involved in unfair means in the examinations.
  2. In another ABC college, records maintained in the examination center, there were 8 students caught red -handed using unfair means in the examinations. As per above college strict actions were taken in these cases too.
  3. According to records maintained in the RST College centers, it is found that 07 cases were recorded of cheating and illegal conduct in examinations. As per the registered cases, a strict action was taken to expel out of the College for having involved in unfair means in the examinations.
  4. As per the records maintained in the exam center of QRS College, there was no such case registered against of any examinee (student). But according to the confidential sources, there were few complaints of cheating and illegal behavior with the invigilators and teaching staff. Preventive measures were taken by registering a police FIR.

Conclusion:  By assessing the collected information from the four examination centers in

Surat, so it can be stated that there were cases of cheating and misconduct in examinations in XYZ, ABC and RST colleges. According to the rule of malpractice strict action was taken against of the guilty students. Whereas in case of RST College, an FIR was registered in the nearby Usmanpura Police Station. 

Recommendations: It is recommended that the strict disciplinary action should be taken against the examination Coordinator and the proctor of all colleges who have been found negligence in their carrying responsibility. Moreover, Show cause notice should be sent to the related College Principle and response should be asked to submit within the five days span. Directions should be generated to such vulnerable college o install CCTV cameras in all examination-hall to curb such malpractices.

Ajay Patel

Que. 2: You are the secretary of your college administrative board. Write an official report addressed to the board regarding the proposal to relocate the cafeteria to another part of the college campus. The report should cover points such as where to relocate, the advantages and disadvantages of relocation, the costs involved, the time taken, and other relevant factors.

Discuss this topic in your class so that you can come up with more ideas together.

From :

  • Vijay Rao
  • Secretary
  • College Administrative Board 
  • JNM Patel College Surat.
  • Date: 25 August 2017


  • Dr. Praful Patel
  • The Secretary
  • Charitable Education Society
  • Surat.
  • Title : Relocation of College Cafeteria

Terms of Reference : As directed by the Presidentof the JNM Patel Science college

Administrative committee , an inquiry was carried out regarding the proposal to relocate the college cafeteria to another place of the College Campus.

Findings: The writer with two planners visited the site of the cafeteria in the college campus and inquired about to the certain feasibility (suitable) to relocate from here to another more convenient site. The findings of the study are as follows:

  1. According to the total number of the JNM Patel Science College students, the present

Cafeteria has the only capacity to accommodate only forty to fifty students. But our College’s student strength is 1500, so it becomes inconvenient to sit there for refreshments and having snacks.

  • At the current location , cafeteria is located at the very front gate of the College corner close to the playground. It become so much congested due to not having enough space

for the Cafeteria. So, it time needed to be expanded and make available enough space for College students. With this, Cafeteria should be improvised in excellent infrastructure and new furniture.

  • After an intensive inquiry, the approximate budget for the relocation and modernization of the Cafeteria would be approximately 150000 rs.

Conclusion :  At present the Cafeteria has only capacity to accommodate forty to fifty students only at a time. The problem becomes unajustable at the time Short and long break when students wants to go into the Cafeteria. Also his Cafeteria is close to the playground, so it causes somewhat problem to the sportspersons. Therefore the Cafeteria is needed to relocate to more convenient site.


  1. Taking the average consideration of the total number of students who visits on daily basis, it would be advisable to relocate at the available space in left side of JNM Patel College.   
  2. New infrastructure and furniture should be installed to make modernized to this old construction. Possible new addition should be granted according o the need.
  3. As  per the students complaints about to the sanity and taste, quality of food and menu should be checked time to time.
  4. It would be more suitable to begin to the Cafeteria construction if it is started construction work in Diwali vacations.
  5. For bringing full- fledged facilities in according to total strength of the students and staff members, a budget of 150000 rs should be granted in according to possible extension in budget.