Physical World and Measurement

1. The motion of stationary objects is studied in which of the following branch?
Answer –

2. Steam engine and refrigerator are related to the following branch of physics?
Answer –

3. Which of the following is not a branch of modern physics?
Answer – 

4. If force, length, and time were the fundamental units, then what is the dimensional formula of mass?
Answer – [F 1 L -1 T 2 ]

5. Force is the dimensional formula of the moment.
Answer –
[ML 2 T -2 ]

6. In which of the following pairs the zeros of the zodiac signs are the same?
Answer – Momentum and impulse

7. How many parts of the physical branches are mainly divided into? Write their names.

Answer – The various branches of physics are mainly divided into two parts –

  • (1) Classical Physics
  • (2) Modern Physics

8. In how many parts is the branch of chronic physics divided? Write their names.

 Answer – This is divided into five parts. Their names are as follows

  • (i) mechanics
  • (ii) thermodynamics
  • (iii) electromagnetism
  • (iv) acoustics
  • (v) optics

9. How many parts are modern divided into? Write their names.

 Answer – It has four parts –

  • (i) relativity
  • (ii) quantum mechanics
  • (iii) nuclear physics
  • (iv) nuclear physics

10. Write examples of any two new techniques based on the application of physics.

 Answer –

  • (i) Flying of airplanes, based on Bernoulli principle
  • (ii) Radio, television, fax, wireless, etc. are based on the transmission of electromagnetic waves.

 11. What are the methods of units? Write their names.

  Answer – There are three methods of units –

  • (i) CGS method
  • (ii) MKS method
  • (iii) FPS method

12. Define Calvin.
 Answer – There is 1 / 273.16th of the thermal temperature of (273. 16K) at the triple point of a Kelvin water.

13. Define steradian.
  Answer –
A steradian is a solid angle that a part of the surface of the sphere, whose area is equal to the square of the radius of the sphere (r 2 ), moves to the center of the sphere.

14. Names of supplementary units in the international system.
 Answer – Radian, Steradian.

15. How many basic units are there in the international system?
 Answer – 
Meter (m), kilogram (kg), second (s), ampere (1), calvin (k), candela (cd) and mol (mol)

16. How many wavelengths do Kr 86 have in a meter?
  Answer – 1650, 763.73

17. Give a definition of the second, based on the vibrations of the cesium-133.
  Answer – Second – This is the unit of time. By definition, 1 second is the time period in which the cesium 133 atom vibrates 9, 192, 631, 770 in the atomic clock.

18. Write the names of two quarterly zodiac signs.
 Answer – Angle, deformation.

19. What is the principle of homogeneity of dimensions?
  Answer – For a physical equation to be dimensionally correct, the dimensions of all its terms must be the same, this is called the principle of homogeneity of dimensions.

20. What is the dimension of the physical zodiac sign?
  Answer –
To express a physical amount as M, L, and T, the power exerted on them is called the dimension of that physical amount.

21. Which physical quantities represent the dimensional formula M 1 L 2 T -2?
  Answer – Work, energy.

 22. Write anyone’s use of the dimensional equation.
  Answer –
To check the veracity of physical formulas.

23. State the boundary bond of the dimensional equation.
  Answer – If a physical amount depends on three zodiac signs, the formula for it cannot be obtained by this method. Information regarding demarcation deadlines cannot be obtained.

24. If x = a + bt + ct 2 , then where x is given in meters and t seconds, what will be the unit of?
  Answer – The unit of c will be ms – 2 .

25. Write the principle of consistency of dimensional equations.
 Answer – The principle of terms on both sides of an equation should be the same, this is the principle.

26. Is it possible for a demonetized and unitless physical amount to exist?
 Answer – Yes, like relative density, distortion.

27. Write the dimensional equation of the force of gravity.
 Answer – 1 L 1 T – 2

28. Equation P =1 – t2 / bxIn P pressure, x is the distance and t is time, thena / bWhat will be the dimension?
  Answer – [MT- 2 ]

29. 1 / μ 0 ε 0Will be the dimension of the symbol, where the symbol has a common meaning
  Answer – [L 2 T – 2 ]

30. Wonderball gas equation ( P +a / V 2) (V – b) = RT contains dimensions of constant a
  Answer –
[M 1 L 5 T -2 ]

 31. Which physical amount does the dimensional formula MLT- 1 represent?
 Answer – Momentum

32. Write the dimensional formula of the Boltzmann constant.
 Answer –
ML 2 T – 2 θ 1

33. State two physical quantities whose dimensions are equal.
 Answer – Energy and force moment

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