Electron cryotomography Objective Question

1. What does the term Cryo mean?

  • a) Sample preparation and visualization
  • b) Cutting of sample
  • c) Staining of sample
  • d) Direct visualization of sample

2. What does the term Tomography mean?

  • a) The method use to create ice crystals
  • b) The method use to create images
  • c) The method use to dry specimen
  • d) None of the above

3. What is not correct for electron cryotomography?

  • a) In this technique specimens are prepared by rapidly plunging in extremely cold liquid like ethane
  • b) Rapid freezing forms ice crystals
  • c) It preserves native structure and immobilizes the specimen
  • d) The specimen is observed under the high vacuum

4. Identify the incorrect statement for electron cryotomography:

  • a) In this technique the object is viewed from different angles, called tilt series
  • b) The individual images are recorded and merged into a 3-dimensional structure
  • c) The technique can be used to view magnetosomes and other cytoskeletal elements
  • d) None of the above

5. Why specimen is rapidly frozen in electron cryotomography?

  • a) Because it turns the specimen in powdery form
  • b) Because it forms vitreous ice
  • c) Because it forms ice crystals and immobilizes cell
  • d) All of the above

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