Data Creation & Conversion

Data Conversion Strategies

The old system might be capable of exporting data in an acceptable format for the new system or in a standard format such as ASCII or ODBC

If a standard format is not available, you must develop a program to extract the data and convert it

Often requires additional data items, which might require manual entry

Data Conversion

Data Conversion Security and Controls

  • You must ensure that all system control measures are in place and operational to protect data from unauthorized access and to help prevent erroneous input 
  • Some errors will occur
  • It is essential that the new system be loaded with accurate, error-free data

Data creation and conversion

It identifies the persons responsible for each activity and includes a time schedule for each activity.

During the pre-implementation stages, when the conversion is being planned, an analyst should prepare a list of all tasks, including the following:

  1. List all files of conversion
  2. Identify all data required to build new files during the conversion
  3. List all new documents and procedures used during conversion
  4. Identify all controls to be made during conversion
  5. Assign responsibility for each task
  6. Verify conversion schedule
  7. Parallel processing between existing and new system initiation

Conversion activity

  1. Conversion begins with a review of the project plan, the system test documentation, and the implementation plan. The plan will be performed by users, the project team members, programmers and operators.
  2. The conversion portion of the implementation plan is finalized and approved and site of the system is prepared.
  3. Files are converted.
  4. Parallel processing between existing and the new system is initiated.
  5. Result of computer runs and operation for the new systems are saved on a special form.
  6. Assuming no problem, parallel processing is discontinued. Implementation results are documented for reference.
  7. Conversion is completed. Plans for the post implementation review are prepared.

Conversion and operation plans

In the conversion plan, all the activities that must occur to implement the new system are properly defined and put it into operation.

In this process, conversion manager is responsible for reviewing conversion plans, verifying the delivery of equipment, software and preparing the site.

There are two major tasks to be done are:

1. Site preparation :

It include electrical and air conditioning preparation, site layout and installation of the equipment.

2. File and data conversion:

Data and file preparation consumes a large proportion of conversion time.

Not only must the data be converted to a format acceptable in the new system, but analysts must ensure that this is due without loss of detail or accuracy.

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