Common Control

Common Control :-

Textbox Control :

Keyboard Events :

Button Control :

Panel Control :

GroupBox Control :

CheckBox Control :

RadioButton Control :

ListBox Control :

ComboBox Control :

DateTimePicker Control :

DataGridView Control :

Panel Control V/S GroupBox Control

Panel ControlGroupBox Control
Panel control can have scroll bars.GroupBox control dose not have scroll bar.
Panel control dose not display a caption (Label) within it. (It does not have Text property)GroupBox control displays a caption (Label) within it, because is has text property.
Panel control does not have FlatStyle, but it has BorderStyle property.GroupBox control does not have BorderStyle, but it has FlatStyle property.
image 37
Panel Control with its AutoScroll property set to True and BorderStyle property set to FixedSingle
 image 38
GroupBox control with its text property set to Select Font Colour.

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