Application Change Over

System Conversion And Types 

Conversion is the process of changing from the old system to the new one. There are four methods of handling a system conversion

Types of Changeover 

System changeover is concerned with the smooth shift from one way of doing things to another and the mitigation of disruption to business activities during the changeover.

There are four methods of handling system conversion:

  1. The parallel system method
  2. The dual system method or phase in method
  3. The direct method
  4. Pilot approach

1. The parallel system method

Both the old and the new systems run side-by-side, using live data, so that project managers can compare the efficiency and reliability of the new system. Once they’re satisfied, the old system is taken offline and the new system becomes fully active and utilized across the organization.

2. The dual system method or phase in method

A staged method whereby one part of the overall system that need changing is changed. If any problems arise, they are limited in scope and therefore non-critical.

3. The direct method

There’s a single, fixed point where one system stops being used and the new one becomes live. This is the cheapest, quickest and easiest form of system changeover but is also the riskiest. It requires careful planning and training sessions.

4. Pilot approach

With a pilot changeover, the new system is tried out at a test site before launching its companywide. For example, a bank may first test the system at one of its branches. This branch is referred to as the pilot, or beta, site for the program.

User Training 

Those who are directly or indirectly connected with the system must know their role. For the same both the system operator and user need training.

System operator training:

Running of the system successfully depends on the person working in the computer center. As part of their training, operators should be given both a troubleshooting list that identifies possible problems and remedies for them.

User training:

In most cases, user training deals with the operations of the system itself, with proper attention given to data handling techniques. Training is done with a view to providing hands-on experience with the new system to the users and operators.

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